A list of her

Anxious to make a good impression.
Black, a colour worn on a regular basis.
Coffee & Chocolate, a working woman's best friends (diamonds can't keep you from falling asleep).
Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum - I like Debussy.
Elephants do remember - I forget.
Femininum, but not frigid.
Graduation: UKC, I'm most grateful.
Helpless without my contactlense.
I am always late. I suffer from Time Optimism, a very widespread condition amongst academics.
Jazzfestival in July: that's when I like Copenhagen the most.
Kitch, but neither Kinder, Kirche oder Küche.
Lullaby of Broadway, that's what I always hear, when you sigh".
Morons: a mutation of the human species to be found all over the world. I've met a few of them.
Never-neverland - still haven't been there.
"I am not what I am"
Piano, sometimes played, when I don't play truant.
Quizzes: I love them, if I'm able to answer the questions.
Rohmer's "Ma nuit chez Maud", a favourite lovestory.
Shortcuts: I've never been able to find them.
Tempus fugit. Technocratism prevails.
Undeniably a TV-addict.
Vino most often no veritas, but an headache.
X-tremely fond of nice food
Young at heart, but old around the eyes.
Zanzibar: a place I have been. Since then Julio Iglesias' music has always reminded me of the smell of cinnamon and hot asphalt.