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Definitions and discussions of interaction - interactivity in digital literature and game-related writings 1986-2001)

Brenda Laurel (1986, Computers as Theatre)
classifies interaction according to frequency, range and significance
(how often ia, how much via system, and how "deep" - ie influence development of system??)

Richard Ziegfield (1989, "Interactive Fiction: A New Literary Genre" i New Literary History)
Simple vs complex interactivity

Michael Joyce (1995, Of Two Minds)
True interaction (vs false interaction??)

David Rokeby (1995, in Critical Issues in Electronic Media)
Significant interaction (vs unsignificant interaction??)

Marie-Laure Ryan (1997, "Interactive drama: Narrativity in a highly interactive environment" i Modern Fiction Studies)
Low and high interactivity

Celia Pearce (1997, The Interactive Book)
gratitious vs meaningful interaction

Janet Murray (1997, Hamlet on the Holodeck)
Let us talk about agency rather than interactivity, as something that "goes beyond participation and activity". p 128. When we talk about something being "interactive" we are "really" refering to the computers ability to be procedural and partipatory. She talks about "scripting the interactor".

Nygaard, Wiibroe and Bøgh Andersen (2001, in Virtual Interactions)
interaction on 3 levels
story interaction- influence on the turn-out of the story, characters
plot interaction- access to info and when
kinetic interaction - refering to the interaction which creates the avatars movement through the world

Jens. F. Jensen (2001, in Virtual Interactions)
interaction - should be understood in sociological sense as the "actions of two or more agents (or agent-like entities) observed to be mutually interdependant" interactivity - thought of as general term - i.e. as the ”measure of a medium’s potential ability to let the user exert an influence on the content/or form of the mediated communication”


To check out: Erkki Huhtamo: From cybernation to interaction: a contribution toward the archaeology of interactivity in Lunenberg (ed): Digital Dialectics (1999).