Guide to the various rules regulating the ph.d.studies at the IT University at Copenhagen

Ph.d.bekendtgørelsen /The Ph.d. Regulation
This is the One and Only general law which lays out the general rules for the Danish Ph.d.studies. It was issued in 1992. Overall, our own programme adheres to the rules laid down in Ph.d.Bekendtgørelsen but more specific rules for your at ITU is defined in the study programme itself (see below). It is in this document it is stated that a consists of invidividual study and ½ years of courses taken + that the student should have experience with teaching or other forms of "knowledge communication" + experience with other study environments than their own (section 4, p.2 ).

Aftaler om lønnede ph.d.-stipendiater
samt aflønning af ph.d.-studerende for arbejdsopgaver i.f.m. forskeruddannelse 2000/
The agreements concerning salaried Ph.d.scholars and payment of ph.d-student for work related to research education 2000
This document contains the laws concerning working obligations, hours, holidays, leave etc. It is also in this document you can find the 840 hour working requirement stated in section 7, p 2.

Homepage of the Ph.d.studyboard
This page lists the current members of the ph.d.studyboard and contains links to the half-year report schemes and the programme.

The ITU programme
This document, which were formally taken into use on June 8th 2001 (when it was accepted by the Board of ITU) contains all the formal requirements related to ph.d.studies specifically at ITU. Here you can find the rules concerning choice and change of supervisor, what the supervisor is supposed to help you with, how to do if you want to make complaints, which formal requirements you need to fullfill when handing in the ph.d.thesis etc.This is the indextable for the relevant chapters - with tentative English translations of the titles:

Kapitel 1. Ph.d.-studiet: struktur, regler, rammer/ The structure, rules, framework
- Det 3-årige program
- Det 4-årige program

Kapitel 2. Indskrivning / Admittance
-Ansøgning om indskrivning

Kapitel 3. Studiet / The Study
-Vejledning/ Supervision
-Følgegruppe/ "Follow-up group"
-Studieplan /Study plan
-Halvårsrapporter /Half year report
-Udlandsophold /Studies abroad
-Kurser og evaluering /Courses and evaluation
-Merit / Credit for previous courses
-Arbejde /work

Kapitel 4. Afhandlingen /The Dissertation
-Indlevering /Submission

Kapitel 5. Forsvar og tildeling af ph.d.-graden /Defense and degree

Kapitel 6. Særlige regler /Special Rules
-Orlov /Leave
-Udskydelse af aflevering /Postponing submission
-Skift af vejleder /Changing supervison
-Fødsel, adoption, omsorgsdage og sygdom /Maternity leave, adoption, "care"days and sickleave
-Klager og indsigelser /Complaints
-Opsigelse /Quitting
-Dispensation /Dispensations

ITU Development contract (DK: udviklingskontrakt (aka strategidokument??)

This document contains the visions for development for IT-university until 2003. Section 2.5 deals with the ph.d.studies - and calls for the establishment of a research school. Elsewhere is listed the number of estimated ph.d.students to be studying at ITU in 2001, 2002, 2003.