Jakob Lichtenberg

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Jakob Lichtenberg. Former Ph.D. student at the The IT University of Copenhagen.

My research area is generation of tests for software and relates to research areas such as program analysis, verification, model checking and testing.
I am also interested in modeling, embedded and real-time systems as well as functional programming.

Henrik Reif Andersen and Henrik Hulgaard.

Consistency Testing of C Programs. My ph. d. project.
MuDDy. Boolean Decision Diagrams for ML.
Difference Decision Diagrams. A promising new data structure for model checking. Developed together with my supervisors Henrik Hulgaard and Henrik Reif Andersen and my fellow student Jesper Møller.

A list of publications is available.

Web: http://www.itu.dk/people/jl
E-mail: jl@itu.dk

Other Interest

See you on water... In my sparetime I prefer to go sailing. Mostly I sail match race in KDY/SKS Match Race Center. I also sail fleet race in the International Yngling Class. To the left you see four DS Match Racers competing in pretty rough conditions during our 2001 Spring Regatta.
Gone Skiing, J. I love to go skiing, and really try to go for a week every winter. On the picture to the left I am out bathing in perfect fresh snow found a sunny morning, February 2001 in Canazei, Italy. Life cannot get any better!
Configit Software I am a co-founder of Configit Software. Configit Software develops powerful and easy-to-use configuration tools for the Internet.

Jakob Lichtenberg