Algorithm group, ITU

The members are

Stephen Alstrup, associat professor.
Philip Bille, ph.d. student.
Inge Li G°rtz, ph.d. student.
Jacob Holm, student.
Christian Worm Mortensen, ph.d. student.
Anna Ístlin, research assistant professor.
Rasmus Pagh, research assistant professor.
Theis Rauhe, research assistant professor.

Selected papers by the group

Stephen Alstrup, Philip Bille, and Theis Rauhe Labeling Schemes for small distances in trees. SODA'03.

Stephen Alstrup, and Theis Rauhe. Small Induced universal Graphs and compact implicit graph representations. FOCS'02.

Rasmus Pagh and Jakob Pagter. Optimal Time-Space Trade-Offs for Non-Comparison-Based Sorting SODA'02.

Stephen Alstrup, and Theis Rauhe. Improved labeling scheme for ancestor queries. SODA'02.

Jakob Holm, Kristian de Lichtenberg, and Mikkel Thorup. Poly-logarithmic Deterministic Fully-Dynamic Algorithms for Connectivity, Minimum Spanning Tree, 2-Edge, and Biconnectivity, JACM'01.

Stephen Alstrup, Gerth S. Brodal and Theis Rauhe. Optimal Static Range Reporting in One Dimension. STOC'01.

Stephen Alstrup, Thore Husfeldt and Theis Rauhe. A cell probe lower bound for dynamic nearest-neighbour searching SODA'01.

Rasmus Pagh. Low Redundancy in Static Dictionaries with Constant Query Time. Vol. 31, 2001, Siam Journal on Computing.

Stephen Alstrup, Gerth Brodal, and Theis Rauhe. New Data Structures for Orthogonal Range Searching FOCS'00.

Stephen Alstrup, Gerth Brodal, and Theis Rauhe. Pattern Matching in Dynamic Texts SODA'00.

Stephen Alstrup, Jens Peter Secher, and Mikkel Thorup. Word Encoding Tree Connectivity Works SODA'00.

Rasmus Pagh. Faster Deterministic Dictionaries. SODA '00.

Stephen Alstrup, Dov Harel, Peter W. Lauridsen and Mikkel Thorup. Dominators in linear time. Vol. 28, 1999, Siam Journal on Computing.

Stephen Alstrup, Amir Ben-Amram, and Theis Rauhe. Worst-case and Amortised Optimality in Union-Find STOC'99.

Stephen Alstrup, Thore Husfeldt and Theis Rauhe. Marked Ancestor problems. FOCS'98.

Stephen Alstrup, Jacob Holm, Kristian de Lichtenberg and Mikkel Thorup. Direct routing on trees. SODA'98.

Jakob Pagter, and Theis Rauhe. Optimal time-space trade-offs for sorting. FOCS'98.

Jacob Holm, Kristian de Litchenberg and Mikkel Thorup. Polylogarithmic deterministic fully dynamic algorithms for connectivity, minimum spanning tree, 2-edge and biconnectivity. STOC'98

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