Introduction to algorithms and data structures

Spring 2003


We plan to have the weekplan for the following week (week x+1) ready by Wednesday evening (week x).

!!!!If you download weekplan before that time, it might be updated later!!!!
Uge Date Text Subject Weekplan Teacher
1 5/2 CLRS Chap. 1, 2, 3, 10.1 and 10.2 Introduction  week 1  SA 
2 12/2 CLRS Chap. 6 and 8.1 Heapsort and Priority queues  week 2   SA 
3 19/2 CLRS Chap. 2.3, 7.1-3, 8.2-3, pages 196-199, 11.1-11.3.2 Sorting and hashing   week 3   TR 
4 26/2   Week Assigment 1 week 4 NN
5 5/3 Note [ps, pdf], CLRS appendix B.3-B.5 and 12.1-12.2 Recursion, induction and binary trees week 5  TR
6 12/3 CLRS Chap. 15.2-15.4 Dynamic programming week 6 SA
7 19/3 CLRS 17.1-2 and 21.1-3 Amortised analyse and union-find week 7 SA
8 26/3 CLRS Chap. 12.1, 12.2, 12.3, and 13 Balanced Search trees week 8 TR
9 2/4 CLRS Appendix B.4, Chap., 22.1, 22.2, 22.3, and 22.4. Graph algorithms I week 9 TR
10 9/4 CLRS chap. 23, 24 Graph algorithms II week 10 TR
  16/4   Easter Holidays   NN
11 23/4   Week Assigment 2, Summarizing, evaluation, etc. week 11 NN
12 30/4   Old exam sets week 12 SA

CLRS: "Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, and Stein: Introduction to Algorithms, Second Edition".

The weekplan describes the subject, text, and assignments of the week. An assignment can be marked with either an (H), an (S), or an (O) after the assignment which means:
H Indicates that the assignment can hopefully be solved by everyone at home, and we will not spend time on these assignment at the course.
O Indicates that the assignment is mandatory
S Indicates that the assigment is difficult.

For instance 1.2-2 (O), 1.2-3, 10.1-1 (H), 10.1-2 means that 1.2-2 is a mandatory assignment, 10.1-1 is a home assignment and 1.2-3 and 10.1-2 will be run through at the tutorials.

Mandatory assignments of week x must be handed in no later than Friday 13.00 of the week x+1, e.g. the mandatory assignment from week 2 in heaps and sorting must be handed in by Friday 13.00 of week 3. There will be three exceptions from this principle, see weekplan 3, 10 and 11. To some of the weeks there will be an alternative mandatory assignment, which you can solve instead of the exercises marked with O.

When handing in the assignments you must add the following in the header of the assignment with clear writing and in the following order:

If Stephen was to hand in an assignment for week 2 having Jacob Borella as tutor and the danish course, he would add the following text to the top of his paper:

Stephen Alstrup
Week 2
Jacob Borella - Danish

Lectures and tutorials takes place between 9.15 and 17.00. The day is divided as described in the table below. Teaching assistants works with last weeks assignments in tutorials. At the tutorials it is assumed, that all participants have studied the relevant chapters and tried to solve the assignments. The first lecture follows a special plan descriped at the index of this homepage.

Information regarding the assignments and points given for the mandatory assignments can be found at the homepage of the instructors.

Lecture plan

English students:
  Time Room
Tutorials 9-12 1.45 & 1.60
Lectures 13-1530 0.19

Danish students:
  Time Room
Lectures 10-1230 0.19
Tutorials 1300-1600 1.45 & 1.60

Stephen Alstrup and Theis Rauhe. January, 2003.