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MuDDy is a SML interface to the Binary Decision Diagrams package BuDDy written in C. BuDDy is written by Jørn Lind-Nielsen. MuDDy is available as a tar-ball from the homepage. The tar-ball contains SML modules, and a BuDDy package. Furthermore, a bit of C code is used to glue the SML modules and C library together. We use Moscow ML's foreign function interface to call the C functions in BuDDy. Therefore, MuDDy can only be used with Moscow ML (version 1.44 or newer). However, we are very interested if somebody wants to port MuDDy to other SML systems and are willing to provide information and help.

Muddy 2.0

Muddy 2.0 uses Buddy 2.0 and works with Moscow ML 2.00.
Source code, tar'ed and gzipped muddy-2.0.tgz
Linux Red Hat Source RPM muddy-2.0-1.src.rpm
Linux Red Hat Binary i386 RPM muddy-2.0-1.i386.rpm
Notice, that the RPM's fits nicely with the Moscow ML RPMS available from the Moscow ML home page.

Muddy 1.7

MuDDy 1.7 was the first release of MuDDy, running with a BuDDy 1.7 core.

Download Muddy 1.7 as a tar-gz file here:

MuDDy 1.7 is known not to work with Moscow ML 2.00. Please use Muddy 2.0 above.

E-mail list

If you are interested in receiving a mail whenever updates are made to MuDDy, please send a mail to one of the authors.


Ken Friis Larsen and Jakob Lichtenberg.
Jakob Lichtenberg, Wed Sep 26 17:00:37 CEST 2001